Fun Links and Great Ways to Waste Your Time

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Last updated: 1/28/04

Just for fun:
Slice and dice your airplane!        New 2/15/04
One brave pussy cat            New 2/15/04
One famous boob           New 2/15/04

1st Mars image   
2nd Mars image   

While you were out...
Who sucks?
How many would it take? (great way to waste time)
A Cool optical illusion!!
A Kitty tale
Never pass out early!
Your Mama (interactive)
Sound machine One (interactive)
Sound machine Two (interactive)
Bully Mag w/ Articles by Micah Issitt
The Trojan Games (Wrestling)
The Trojan Games (Pelvic Powerlifting)
The Trojan Games (Precision Vaulting)

Spaced out:
Human Space Flight - NASA-TV
Hubble Site

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Homepage

Other Personal Web Pages:
Liz Issitt Home Page
Brett Watson's Web Page

zefrank's page (play the interactive games)

Odd Assortments:
The Abilene Reflector-Chronicle (from my old home town)
Craigslist   (Bay Area all-purpose site)
Blacktop Knights (My bike "gang")
Motorcycle photo album from the 50's